Argus & Artifacts - Hazzikostas Answers Questions

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During today's World of Warcraft live stream, Blizzard's Ion Hazzikostas answered a flurry of questions on the hour he was about the event stream. He covered Cheap Warmane Gold a volume of topics including artifacts, reforging, mythic plus rewards and changes, the recent "world first" race and upcoming Argus content.

A number of key take-aways from your event include:

    the third relic slot on all characters' artifacts will unlock with Argus -- you should not quest for getting it done as before
    all Artifact Knowledge will unlock with 7.3 too
    Netherlight Crucible allows players to upgrade relics (from MMO-Champion)
        The Artifact Trait tree is usually a steady type of progression.
        The team desired to offer two trait relics in Patch 7.2, but finished up removing it.
        Relics point to some trait by index (1-9). Each class and spec amongst gamers has a relic that maps to trait 5, but that is really a different trait for every single class or spec. This means relics can not be customized as much as the group wanted to.
        Relics from the Netherlight Crucible solve some from the problem of Relic availability. Any relic is now able to have another trait which you wanted.
        In Patch 7.2 players did not have enough choice or control above the RNG.
        In Patch 7.3 you need to use the Netherlight Crucible to select, supplying you with some amount of control rather than total randomness. You won't require your worst trait, since choose not to ever pick a bad trait.
    players will continue to be capable to unlock artifact appearances post-Legion with the exception of Challenge and +15 Mythic + appearances
    no new artifact appearances are now being made
    dump your Nethershards. There are going to be a new currency on Argus that buys 910 gear to support alts in "catch up"
    class balance updates are bundled together to hotfix all at once as an alternative to frequently
    LFR difficulty could possibly have fewer mechanics but the c's is dedicated to making the encounters more meaningful and fun
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