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Orb Avoidance 2

Total Plays: 9
Orb Avoidance is back, with a new graphical style and more changing gameplay. Mouse avoid to the next level by fighting back against your chasers and smashing them into the blocks.
Orb Avoidance 2 tries to keep the exciting gameplay of its predecessor, but with an all new graphical design and a new change.
Blocks can now explode after a certain amount of time, and there are special blocks that will always explode and make more orbs
Update 2: Added another option, to turn off Orb trails so it’s much faster to play in the later levels.
IMPORTANT UPDATE (1): The game has been changed to play more like Orb 1 – there is now an option to turn exploding blocks off (static balls will still explode). Trippy effects have been increased. It should also be faster laster in the game, as it has been optimized. There are two score statistics, one for exploding, and one without.
Audio by ParagonX9
Emma - A Friend At Hallows Eve

Total Plays: 0
Join Emma for a night of trick-or-treating as she meets a new friend named Lilith. Emma’s Halloween is a difference spotting adventure and is the companion game to Lilith’s Halloween. 12 colorfully illustrated levels will delight children and parents alike as you and your family make up a story for each page. Happy Halloween from the folks at Difference Games!
Bullet Heaven

Average Rating: 10.00
Total Plays: 4
Dodge thousands of bullets and defeat legions of foes.
Elite Forces:Conquest

Total Plays: 2
Droids are threatening world domination and there are only a few humans left to stand up to them! Defend key territories from an onslaught of merciless droids as you struggle to protect the precious resources you have left. Who knows…maybe you’ll make a new friend or two along the way to fight for your cause?
Build towers from the same group to raise a total damage. Each group of towers increases something special for all groups.
As always – feel free to comment, or tell me what you don`t like, i`m here to fix it.
Horror Plant 2

Total Plays: 5
Horror plant is back! Enter the secret tree house and kill all dwarfs in this point and click adventure game! Subtle humor and even more of evil dwarf blood!
There are two possible endings.
Make sure you didn?t miss first part of the game:

Total Plays: 1
Cheat, sometimes called B.S., is a card game where the goal is to discard all the cards from your hand. This is done by placing a card in order (either higher or lower than the previous card) one to six of your own cards on the pile in the middle. If you don't have the correct card you can draw from the deck or cheat by putting a different card then announced. If the other player catches you you get all the cards in the pile.
Rudolph's Red Race

Total Plays: 6
Rudolph with his nose so bright and loaded with lasers must guide Santa on an action-packed Christmas delivery run whilst collecting red objects to keep his speed and energy up. There are lots of obstacles attempting to thwart you including mischievous kids and vicious flying creatures. Whilst you lead Santa, will you go down the path of naughty or nice? Deliver presents or deliver bombs, your choice!

Total Plays: 7
A sliding puzzle game with 40 great levels and an editor to make your own.
Grand Prix Go

Total Plays: 14
Fast paced isometric racing game.
Race round 12 unique tracks against nine other cars, unlocking 72 achievements as you go.
Use advanced car physics and upgrade your car as you battle your way through the different race series.
Sky Invasion

Total Plays: 3
November AD 2569. Earth Alliance Federation has their colony bases spreaded all around the continents on Earth. Centuries passed by since the the colonization to Mars, now it is time to go home to the Earth as Mars is slowly dying. But EAF doesn?t allow us to go home. There?s only one answer to get back our right on Earth : INVASION.